INDACUT | Mastering Song “5 Holes”

New show by 4th Disciple, producer/engineer extraordinaire on his channel. Indacut is a behind scenes look at the nuts and bolts of Sonic Ministry and the wizardry to the sound behind the name. In this video, 4th gives the viewer not only a look at his processes, but also the equipment that he uses to…More

Lords of the Underground|具有社會意識的饒舌結合強勁的節拍

Came up on my reader and looked like a dope one to share of the homie Dj Lord Jazz and his group, Lords of the Underground. Great intro with videos. Lords of the Underground的背景介紹 由Doitall、Mr. Funke、DJ Lord Jazz三人在北卡羅萊納州的蕭爾大學(Shaw University)組成,Lords of the Underground的作品裡多了一些大學生宿舍中的打鬧笑料。他們曾與… Lords of the Underground|具有社會意識的饒舌結合強勁的節拍More

Travie McCoy’s New Solo Album ‘NEVER SLEPT BETTER’

Swear I just saw a where is Travie McCoy twitter post not more than a week ago and here is the new project. I guess either the marketing is on point or the stars aligned. The new video is pretty cool and signature McCoy with the pop, hip hop, rock blend, that he does well.…More