For My Past and Future Assassination…

Peace and universal greetings!

I am Robinson Mega. I have many middle names. Welcome to my little corner of MottoNice. Odd cipher divine.

After several clandestine meetings and brainstorming sessions, Paulie Rhyme and I decided to create a space to share our thoughts and highlight certain aspects of our experiences here in Japan. This is that endeavor.

Before I begin to bombard the corner with content, heres a variety of information regarding myself, my interests, and some of the things I’ll likely be writing about:

I am 37 af. My father was a Black Seminole and my mother is Filipino. I was born in New York, grew up in Oceanside, California, moved to Hawaii for High School and San Jose, California is my second home.

I am a life long hip-hop head and i make several distinctions in what I mean by “hip-hop”. Im of what I like to call “the last generation of 4 element hip-hop heads.” I started breaking at 12 years old. I’ve spent a fair amount of time graff writing, emceeing, beatmaking, and deejaying. Hip-hop is a primary lense in which I view the world. I have a particular interest in the independent, underground, and more experimental artistry.

I am a former 5%er and still use a lot of that slang but grew out of it nearly two decades ago. I like to read and am always knee deep in at least 3 books and a comic series. I usually reading something about radical liberational politics, critical theory, philosophy, and psychology. As I type this I’m reading about Lacanian psychoanalysis in film, counter revolution and slave revolt in 1776, Integral Psychology, and the Situationists. I’m also catching up on Hickman’s X-Men run.

Here in Tokyo, I am an official Cultural Ambassador for Toshima-Ku and live in Ikebukuro where I host the Mega Late Show. The Mega Late Show is a hip-hop, art and culture podcast. It has been ongoing for nearly 4 years. Over the last year I’ve been running the podcast solo but started it with my brothers, Late and Steze. Late recently moved back to Atlanta and Steze moved on to work his craft in acting. Through the podcast Ive interviewed 100s of people in the hip-hop and creative community. Several of those people are legends in the culture such as Maseo of De La Soul, Ali Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe Called Quest, Adrian Younge, Marley Marl, Skyzoo, Mega Ran, and G Yamazawa.

I love to get famous guests but my primary focus is highlighting the actual community in Tokyo. I intend to use this blog as an addendum to my MLS efforts and more precisely champion the many great people and happenings in Tokyo. I haven’t really written for several years and will most often be typing on the train. So apologies in advance for any grammar or formating errors.

That’s about it for now. Drink a lot of water and remember you’re a holographic projection of a microminaturized and superconducting solid-state matrix that is everywhere and nowhere to be found.

– Meg

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