Flat Stanley: Beats and Custom SP-404s

Y’all probably heard of that other Flat Stanley. The children’s book Flat Stanley. The one that was violently crushed by a billboard, somehow survives, but is literally flattened. He then goes on a variety of wacky adventures while being some kind of mostly 2D human. (There’s gotta be some deeper Zizekian-esque critique to that. One of capitalist society crushing a man until he no longer has a truly human experience. You know the vibes.)

But yeah I’m not talking about that Flat Stanley.

I’m talking about the producer/ beatmaker from Southern California. The Flat Stanley that’s a member of the Condina Record Collective.

The Flat Stanley that dropped the albums “If Not Now, When” in February and “Metamorphasis” in August.

Him. That Flat Stanley.

Outside of his music being dope, Flat Stanley also spends some of his time in the LA beat scene repairing SP- 404s. At first he was just helping out homies with malfunctioning gear. Soon his name and legend spread across the community. You got a broken piece of gear? Flat Stanley might be able to help. No, not the children’s book character, the guy that made this:

and this:

Eventually the doper, beatmaker, Flat Stanley, would repair gear for bigger names in the scene like muthfckn, Dibia$e. And at some point after becoming super proficient in repairing, he branched out to customizing. Since then hes created some really unique custom joints.

So look at this thing! It is incredibly dope. And even though the Flat Stanley that was crushed by a billboard has been to outerspace, I’m sure his flat ass couldn’t freak a 404 like this:

And yes, I stole the pics from his insta. Go peep Flat Stanley’s Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify and all that.


And you can even find him on my podcast here:

– Meg

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