Epicenters: Tokyo Dope City Studio

I keep trying to tell people that Ghostpops is not only the hardest working, but one of the best producers in Tokyo right now.

Ghostpops is the owner and operator of Tokyo Dope City Studio in Koenji. Over the last two years hes made a name for himself working with a huge variety of artists in Tokyo. From well known Japanese artists like Jinmenusagi to cultivating new artists like J the Protagonist.

I recall being with Ghostpops the day before he got the keys to the studio space. We talked his upbringing in apartheid South Africa, studying music theory in college, the punk music scenes sense of community and its willingness to break rules. All of which inform his approach to art and sound.

It’s been really dope seeing the studio grow from afar but I finally got my ass down to Koenji to check it out. He was recording a session with my cousin A. Valley of the Hilt. Dream Gang shit that you can get a glimpse of in episode 136 of the Mega Late Show.

For any upcoming artists that are looking to polish their sound, get incredible production or just looking for a place to record your music; hit up Ghostpops on Insta or go to the Tokyo Dope City site.

@ghostp0ps on Instagram or tokyodopecity.com

– Meg

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