Linn Mori & the “Luvlin” Re-Release

Linn Mori is one of the most revered and elusive producers in Tokyo. Also one of my personal favorites.

Raised in Saitama, Linn has been making music for over 15 years and considered one of the dopest in Japan. He was a fairly active member of the Tokyo-based beat community but has been somewhat off grid for a while. While active he was performing alongside many of the biggest and most notable producers in the city. Hes had releases on notable beat record outlets, Cascade Records and Sichtexot. As well as collaborations with several prominent artists. But he kind of disappeared from my radar for a while. I guess he just wasn’t performing.

In 2014 he released “Sail to the Moon” and followed it up with “Invisible Vision” in 2015. Two really dope projects that help set the tone for the Japanese beat community sound. After a five year release hiatus, he dropped “Digital Church” last May. It was a departure from his usual sound, taking more cues from electronica than conventional hip-hop beat music. During the 5-year break, he was busy studying music theory and honing his sound. Digital Church more than adequately reflects his more refined understanding of music composition. Inspired by nature, Digital Church sounds like a journey through a vast new world. A really interesting leap in sound from Linn. It makes me excited to see what he does next.

Also, last month Linn Mori and Luviia (AKA Faraagol) digitally re-released their project, Luvlin. Originally created in 2013, each producer contributed 3 solo song and one collaborative track. For the re-released they’ve collaborated on a new song called “Dedicated to J Dilla,” bringing the total song count up to 8.

I reached out to Linn Mori about the re-released and he said theyve got a run of cassettes available for purchase on Bandcamp and Disk Union. (EDIT: Looks like the cassettes just sold out) but they’re also looking into pressing vinyl.

Finally, he then let me know he’s got several finished projects including one with Haruka Nakamura that will likely be released later this year.

I highly recommend going through Linn’s catalog. Here’s a few joints from the albums I mentioned. Support local and independent art.

– Meg

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