Budamunk and Mr Brady “Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda”

Budamunk is one of the first names people think of when it comes to the beat music community in Japan. Well over a decade ago, he established a name for himself alongside pioneers in the Los Angeles beat scene. The LA beat music scene would spread across the globe and BudaMunk has since become considered one of the giants in Japans hip-hop community. Often collaborating with a variety of artists from around the world, he’s now teamed up with one of San Diego’s long time hip-hop progenitors, Mr Brady.

The two of them have come together to create “Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda” on King Tone Records

The album is a refined mixture of Budas jazzy off-kilter rhythms and Mr Brady’s lucid west coast observations. This is essentially them doing a Dragonball Z fusion dance and the combination brings out the best of both of their styles.

Along for the ride are west coast legend moka only, Yokohama’s Shinobi, along with Johaz, and Jon Rogers.

Peep these videos then tap in on any of the streaming services.

– Meg

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