Thursday Mega 10 (01/21/21)

Rejoice! Your mind has produced a jewel!! Welcome to the first Thursday Mega 10. These posts will be reoccurring music dump of songs I’ve had in rotation over the week. all levels all quadrants. Not every Thursday. Well, Thursday because new music drops on Friday, right?

1. Madlib – “Road of the Lonely Ones”

This is off of Madlibs upcoming project “Sound Ancestors” with Four Tet due to drop on January 29th. It’s supposed to be Madlib beats and production but Four Tet is arranging, mastering and doing some editing work on the project. This is the only song I’ve heard from the project and it’s perfect. Very excited for the album.

2. Budamunk & Mr Brady “Orbits”

I wrote about this collab on a previous MottoNice post. I just really like this track. It features Shinobi from Yokohama. Who I’ve definitely run into here in Tokyo, but never formally introduced ourselves. His verse might be my favorite on the album.

3. Infesticons – “Cinderella Theme”

The great Mike Ladd! Gun Hill Road dropped in 2000. Between Tracy Jones “Humancloud Abandonment” re-release and the new Rap Ferriera I’ve been really mental looping poesy heavy rap stackaging. This massive underground cult classic popped in my head after maybe a decade without listening to it. I didn’t love it back then but there was a few joints. This one and the Saul Williams “Money Theme” track. Takes a second for the intro to finish but once it does, I love this.

5. R.A.P Ferreria – “Listening”

From Rory’s newest project “Bob’s Son.” I really like the direction he’s settling into. I love this project and have been using the chorus in this track as my morning affirmation. Also there’s an hour long break down of the albums “lyrics” from a literature/ poetry professor on youtube. “IT IS IN FACT ALL GOOD”

6. Ill Sugi – “Punk Smokers”

New beat “Warp Haze” by Tokyo based producer Ill Sugi. I used this album and more of his work as the musical bed on episode 138 of the Mega Late Show. New album dropped on Cold Busted records. Go cop that. I’m a sucker for a vocal chop. This is my favorite from the album…so far.

7. J.U.S – “Brown Noise” featuring Danny brown

Bruiser Bridge! Actually when it comes to Bruiser Brigade I only know of Zelooper and Danny Brown but this new J.U.S album is dope. God Goku Jay Z. Go cop it on Bandcamp. Its “name your price” but give a little.

8. DOOM – “Coco Mango (Damu the Fudge munk remix)”

Played my way through most of DOOMs catalog over the last few weeks. This Damu the Fudge Munk remix kept ringing in my head. The way DOOM comes in with the “listerine green jars” is incredible. Rest in Peace.

9. Jinmenusagi – “IDU”

Jinmenusagi has a lot of looks. His early career was closer to boom bap style hip-hop. His newest work is a whole different vibe but definitely some of the best coming out of Japan. And this beat by Ghostpops is a wave.

9. Reflection Eternal – “2000 Seasons”

From the first SoundBombing back in 97. This was my favorite track on the album and remains my favorite Kweli track. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of his music but when this dropped I moved him into my top 5 for a month. I came across this version of it without the Evil Dee intro and have probably played it 30 times this week.

10. Watching Airplanes – “Blue is Dope”

This isnt hip-hop. And Thursday Mega Ten’s are gonna be like that seomtimes. So for this, there doesn’t seem to be much information regarding Watching Airplanes. From what I know it’s an experimental collaborative project from two people making spontaneous one-take genre-less dance music. I’ve had it on repeat while reading.

– Meg

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