Legendary Graff Writer REMIX’s exhibition in Osaka

The Silver Surfer of Graffiti!

Remix(er) is one of the most well known and infamous graffiti writers in the world. He is a member of several acclaimed crews and is known and championed at the highest level of graffiti culture.

After thousands of freight trains, dozens of countries, moving to Japan, and nearly 30 years of painting, he’s decided to hold his first ever gallery exhibition at Stop Over in the Tennoji Ward of Osaka.

If asked, Remix might tell you how shitty Tokyo is for a graffiti city. There are too many heroes willing to report you, cctv all around the city, and even a lack of permission walls. There are ways to get around this but he says, “In Tokyo I’m a retired graff writer.” Perhaps these conditions are what’s influenced his decision to finally put his art in a gallery. One way or another, it’s finally happening. I’ve seen a few of the pieces and hes going to have a variety of pieces on Japanese road signs with Marvel characters.

I’d make it down there if I could but if you’re close go check him out at Stop Over in Osaka. The event will be running from March 20th to the 28th.

@dgulberry187 on Instagram

〒543-0045 Osaka, Tennoji Ward, Teradacho, 2 Chome−5−1

– Meg

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