Nair B releases Identity LP

Nair B is a multi-instrumentalist musician and beat maker living in Tokyo. He’s a member of The Hilt, a growing hip hop collective based in Tokyo featuring a variety of artists from all over the world. When I first met Nair last year he had just finishing his LP “Jet Black Hair” which was an ode to the deep blackness of hair common to Filipino people.

At that point he was adjusting to his (newish) Tokyo surroundings and The Hilt was still forming. Since then hes been refining his experiments in music allowing his heritage to flower more and his relationship with The Hilt has been strengthened. On his newest project Identity, all the pieces come together to showcase his best project to date.

On an instagram post Nair describes this album as a combination of the person’s, places and things that inform his personal identity. A combination of cultures, experiences, talent and effort. He says,

“Hopefully in this album you can find yourself. My identity is a combination of all the different people I have met, all the different cultures I have encountered, from living in the Philippines to moving to America, and then now living in Japan. It’s just bits and pieces of everything.” 


Identity was release on March 19th. The album runs about 43 minutes long over 13 tracks and has features from some of Tokyo’s most interesting upcoming artist. You can find Identity on Spotify and YouTube but I suggest you go to his bandcamp page. Support local and independent art.

– Meg

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