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Secret House Against The World Hip-Hop Album Reviews

One of my newer endeavors is reviewing independent , uncanny, and less visible hip-hop albums.

I’ve gotten a small team of brothers together to help in the process. Right now we’re calling it SECRET HOUSE AGAINST THE WORLD/ Tokyo. I plan on showcasing a lot  content on there including video episodes of the Mega late Show and general Tokyo hip-hop shit.

As for the review team, first I’ve got Dj L-Spade who is a producer, graphic artist, emcee and generally just southern cat raised on the traditions of 36 Mafia living in Tokyo. He’s got his own content endeavors with Displaced Media, Tokyo Stash and Spade, the Ran-Dumb Sho,  and Uncommon Knowledge Podcast. Then I’ve got Jet Axel (hard af government name) who hosted and ran a Japanese music podcast for several years before moving to Japan. He’s got an upcoming show for the Tokyo Music Channel where he’ll be interviewing Japan most avant garde, prolific and dope artists. On top of that he’s an underground hip-hop type head like myself.

We’re still working the process and deciding the best format of the show but we’ve recorded a few reviews and plan to consistently release them through the following months.

Here’s our conversations about the new Armand Hammer x The Alchemist collab “Haram” and Kota the Friend x Statik Selektah’s “To Kill A Sunrise.”

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– Mega

Published by Robinson Mega

California transplant In Tokyo/// Ruthless to systems, kind to people, against the pigs. Hip-hop, critical theory, art, and culture. Black Seminole Pinoy b-boy. Odd Cipher Divine

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