Bobby Sessions – Cog in the Machine (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl

Not too hip to Bobby Sessions but like this live platform for his music (reminds of the Color channel, which is also dope). He definitely is more on the lyrical tip, but has find a way to get that message out on a major label. Worth a listen.

About Bobby Sessions:

Bobby Sessions swears he isn’t superstitious, but the way his career has unfolded has felt magical. Over the last decade, the Dallas MC has cultivated a pure, contemplative rap style while taking the kinds of career risks that make or break you.  The hunger he has for motivating people through his words can’t be ignored: it’s in each and every song, interview, and performance. A blistering, concentrated lyricist and speaker, the uncompromising Sessions is constantly focused and determined to attract the energy of those around him – whether onstage performing for fans or in the studio focused on his craft. In his eyes, it’s all the result of “manifestation,” the idea that he can turn his dreams into reality by envisioning them. It has paid off, securing him a deal and multiple projects with High Standardz / Def Jam, and a theme that weaves throughout his music and takes center stage on his major-label debut album, MANIFEST.

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