Travie McCoy’s New Solo Album ‘NEVER SLEPT BETTER’

Swear I just saw a where is Travie McCoy twitter post not more than a week ago and here is the new project. I guess either the marketing is on point or the stars aligned. The new video is pretty cool and signature McCoy with the pop, hip hop, rock blend, that he does well. I tend to appreciate his authenticity more than most, mainly because it just feels like him and what he is going through.  NEVER SLEPT BETTER is out today on Hopeless Records and you can stream or purchase the album in full at:

More details on the project, as well as the video, below.

In celebration of the album release, Travie McCoy premiered the music video for “Full Monarch”. On the song, Travie shares, “Lyrically, it’s about escapism and a relationship gone bad. But it stems from a show we (Gym Class Heroes) played in Chicago on the 311 tour. We had high hopes for the show but something felt off that day. Right before we got on stage Matt and I saw an injured monarch butterfly and we tried to help it along. Later on when we were on stage, the show was all off and I was feeling down, I looked up and saw the same monarch butterfly fly across the stage and the rest of the band noticed too. From that moment I had a new appreciation for that show.”

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