Secret House Against The World Hip-Hop Album Reviews

One of my newer endeavors is reviewing independent , uncanny, and less visible hip-hop albums. I’ve gotten a small team of brothers together to help in the process. Right now we’re calling it SECRET HOUSE AGAINST THE WORLD/ Tokyo. I plan on showcasing a lot  content on there including video episodes of the Mega late…More

Nair B releases Identity LP

Nair B is a multi-instrumentalist musician and beat maker living in Tokyo. He’s a member of The Hilt, a growing hip hop collective based in Tokyo featuring a variety of artists from all over the world. When I first met Nair last year he had just finishing his LP “Jet Black Hair” which was an…More

Legendary Graff Writer REMIX’s exhibition in Osaka

The Silver Surfer of Graffiti! Remix(er) is one of the most well known and infamous graffiti writers in the world. He is a member of several acclaimed crews and is known and championed at the highest level of graffiti culture. After thousands of freight trains, dozens of countries, moving to Japan, and nearly 30 years…More

Thursday Mega 10 (1/27/21)

Here’s my semi-weekly music dump of tracks I’ve had on repeat. Lots of local and former Tokyo residents this time. Most of these folks have been on the podcast. Seize the means of attention! 1. Monsieur Jovoni – Eki Flavored Monsieur Jovoni, member of the Tokyo based hip-hop collective The Hilt just dropped his debut…More