Uncommon Records re-releases Tracy Jones “Humancloud Abandonment”

Reality is non-simultaneously apprehended. The smell of a certain dish can bring back memories like a package delivered by the wind. Sometimes a song places you back in a 1984 Chevy Cavalier driving through south side San Jose California. 15 years younger, reminding you of a past part of yourself. Feeling lost but certain you…More

Inside Tokyo’s Graff Scene with YESCA ONE and REMIX

A few years ago, i had a discussion about graffiti with the Nostalgia King, Skeme Richards. We both come from the bygone era where as hip-hop heads, you knew your city’s graff writers. You knew the crews, paid attention to who was getting up the most, they were probably your homies, and you likely had…More

Thursday Mega 10 (01/21/21)

Rejoice! Your mind has produced a jewel!! Welcome to the first Thursday Mega 10. These posts will be reoccurring music dump of songs I’ve had in rotation over the week. all levels all quadrants. Not every Thursday. Well, Thursday because new music drops on Friday, right? 1. Madlib – “Road of the Lonely Ones” This…More

Casual vs Saafir! A new short film about the classic battle by Shomari Smith

Casual of Hieroglyphics crew vs Saafir of Hobo Junction! One of the greatest battles in hip-hop history just got a short documentary produced by Shomari Smith. Casual vs Saafir is undoubtedly one of the greatest battles in hip-hop history. Their feud would culminate in a legendary battle that took place on November 18th 1994 on…More

Budamunk and Mr Brady “Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda”

Budamunk is one of the first names people think of when it comes to the beat music community in Japan. Well over a decade ago, he established a name for himself alongside pioneers in the Los Angeles beat scene. The LA beat music scene would spread across the globe and BudaMunk has since become considered…More