Omen 44 releases new album “Hentai”

Omen 44 (read: four-four) is an emcee, artist, promoter, and head of the Tokyo-NJ based label, The Plug International. Originally from Kobe and now primarily living in New Jersey, Omen is one of the few promoters bring independent and underground hip-hop artists to Tokyo. I first met Omen back in 2018 when he brought Skyzoo…More

MEGAs TOP 20 OF 2020

I was planning on getting this out before the end of the year and with descriptions but i ran into some laziness. On the Mega Late Show, Late and I discussed our top 5 albums, favorite songs and artists. So check that out here if you want more info. That said, outside of the top…More

Linn Mori & the “Luvlin” Re-Release

Linn Mori is one of the most revered and elusive producers in Tokyo. Also one of my personal favorites. Raised in Saitama, Linn has been making music for over 15 years and considered one of the dopest in Japan. He was a fairly active member of the Tokyo-based beat community but has been somewhat off…More

Epicenters: Tokyo Dope City Studio

I keep trying to tell people that Ghostpops is not only the hardest working, but one of the best producers in Tokyo right now. Ghostpops is the owner and operator of Tokyo Dope City Studio in Koenji. Over the last two years hes made a name for himself working with a huge variety of artists…More

Yuletide Bangerz

Unless you’re some anarcho-primitivist out in the wilderness, its impossible to escape the yuletide cheer. Its everywhere. Even in Japan where people are basically born into Shinto practices, marry Christian, and die Buddhist, the lack of Judeo-Christian theism just means more prayer at the alter of commerce. That’s cool. Enjoy yourselves. I’m not here to…More