20 Albums Not In My 2020 Top 20

Title pretty much say it all. I liked a lot of music this year. All of these are rap albums. No beat tapes. Not really much of the so-called melodic pop rap joints. Mostly independent raw uncompromising anti-pop. These are numbered but in no particular order and most of them could have found a spot…More

90 BPM Takeover is Tokyo’s Low End

90 BPM TAKEOVER, the incredibly dope beat show, is probably the closest we get to the Low End experience in Japan. Tokyo has an incredible number of dope beat shows but the diversity in sound and consistency in quality are really what set 90 BPM Takeover apart. Since 2013, the event has been run by…More

tf Is Neo Boom Bap?

I’ve been rummaging through Twitter a bit more over the last several weeks. (@bmegaten boom boom boom boom boom) One of the trending topics amongst the hip-hop side of my feed was discussion about the term “Neo-Boom Bap.” I should say that more than discussing, people were laughing and talking shit. Comparing it to neo…More

Run The Japan Jewels Pop-Up

“Monks will immolate themselves until the record hits the shelves” – El Manhattan Records is Tokyo’s oldest hip-hop record store. This year the legendary locale is celebrating 40 years of business. When it comes to Japans hip-hop community and it’s global recognition, it doesn’t get much more notable than Manhattan Records. So many of hip-hops…More

The Biggest Burger in Tokyo?

“Every burger is a unique manifestation of the whole” – (Probably) Alan Watts If you know me, you’ve probably heard my passion for cheeseburgers. Perhaps in some manner that overstates the importance of them as a corner stone of modern society. A glue or a bridge, maybe a carpet. Because of that importance, I make…More