Mad Dog the Jewels

What Run The Jewels (RTJ) is in 2020 is what I thought El-P would be in 2000. Basically, hard af uncanny music with an ultra massive fanbase and uncompromising message. As a long time fan of both El-P and Killer Mike it’s undeniably dope to see the sustained success of their collaboration. Their acclaim and…More

Flat Stanley: Beats and Custom SP-404s

Y’all probably heard of that other Flat Stanley. The children’s book Flat Stanley. The one that was violently crushed by a billboard, somehow survives, but is literally flattened. He then goes on a variety of wacky adventures while being some kind of mostly 2D human. (There’s gotta be some deeper Zizekian-esque critique to that. One…More

For My Past and Future Assassination…

Peace and universal greetings! I am Robinson Mega. I have many middle names. Welcome to my little corner of MottoNice. Odd cipher divine. After several clandestine meetings and brainstorming sessions, Paulie Rhyme and I decided to create a space to share our thoughts and highlight certain aspects of our experiences here in Japan. This is…More