The Heart of Hip Hop: Part 5 Thoughts and Breakdown

Taking a different approach to this one. I just pretty much watch this and free-styled/stream of conscious my thoughts via the text to note function on my phone. I did some editing for readability, but mostly it will be as is. Feel free to leave some comments. It was a rainy day in Japan, at…More

Rock, Rock, Rock On: The Robert “PH” Diaz Story

Going to pick this one up, so I thought it would be a good one to share. Available on Amazon globally. Hit up your favorite book store and have them order it. Details below. Rock, Rock, Rock On, compiled with over 100 interviews, is the definitive story of the King of Underground Hip-Hop, Robert “PH”…More


Pretty dope collaboration. Details below. Crocs have announced their first-ever collaboration with globally renowned singer/songwriter, SZA to release a limited-edition capsule of the Crocs Classic Clog and Crocs Classic Slide to commemorate Mental Health Awareness month. The limited-edition release is the iterations of the Crocs Classic Clog and Crocs Classic Slide, which have a distinct…More

Tanna Leone – Nirvana (Official Video)

In the new era of 1 minute songs and viral moments, pgLang’s Tanna Leone puts out a vibe for his latest video. I actually didn’t realize this would be a minute long song until after it was done. Still dope but definitely still getting used to these type of releases.More

Thomas Prime – You Are

Bob42jh is one of the homies/ kindred spirits that I have yet to meet, but has been putting on fit the culture and Jazzy Hip Hop scene (which is one of the fore fathers of the LoFi movements) for year’s. Recently he has started a Discord that is also pretty dope. You can check him…More