Yuletide Bangerz

Unless you’re some anarcho-primitivist out in the wilderness, its impossible to escape the yuletide cheer. Its everywhere. Even in Japan where people are basically born into Shinto practices, marry Christian, and die Buddhist, the lack of Judeo-Christian theism just means more prayer at the alter of commerce. That’s cool. Enjoy yourselves. I’m not here to…More

Music Mondays #8

I know a lot of people are fresh off that E-40 and Too Short Bay Area Edition of Versuz. Mark that as a win for the culture for real. So many people have over looked the contribution of the Bay Area as a region, when a majority of Hip Hop slang and the independent work…More

20 Albums Not In My 2020 Top 20

Title pretty much say it all. I liked a lot of music this year. All of these are rap albums. No beat tapes. Not really much of the so-called melodic pop rap joints. Mostly independent raw uncompromising anti-pop. These are numbered but in no particular order and most of them could have found a spot…More