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Paul “Paulie Rhyme” Richardson

Paul “Paulie Rhyme” Richardson is a Japan based; Bay Area/Cleveland bred emcee, who has recently put back on the media hat, writing and editing for this blog, as well as the new podcast, “This is Not Information” (fka The Fire This Time). Previously Rhyme wrote for the short lived g.o.a.t. Hip Hop blog. A quick Google will also take you to life before the blog, where Paulie has gotten his rap on (and currently still does as a solo artist and member of Bacteria Sound Machine), as well as dj (mostly in Aichi and online) and teach.

Robinson Mega

Mark “Mega Desu” Robinson was born in New York, raised in California, and attended school in Hawaii. He’s worn virtually every hat in hip-hop culture. From B-boy, graff-writer, emcee, or DJ; to web moderator, producer, and activist. Mega’s time is currently spent traversing Tokyo’s labyrinthian network of train lines; networking and documenting all elements of its flourishing yet scattered hip-hop scene. His love for the culture comes with a particular interest in its infamous underground figures, b-boy battles, and street art.

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