Thursday Mega 10 (1/27/21)

Here’s my semi-weekly music dump of tracks I’ve had on repeat. Lots of local and former Tokyo residents this time. Most of these folks have been on the podcast. Seize the means of attention!

1. Monsieur Jovoni – Eki Flavored

Monsieur Jovoni, member of the Tokyo based hip-hop collective The Hilt just dropped his debut album “Ainu Nigrito.” All bars and beats by him. He’s actually coming through this weekend to discuss the project.

2. Dark Time Sunshine-  “The Rite Kids” featuring Homeboy Sandman R.A.P. Ferriera

From the upcoming album”Lore” by Onry and Zavala. Every one of their previous albums is solid af and im happy to see Hail Mary Malon featured on the track listing.

3. G Yamazawa – “Riddle Me This”

G Yamazawa is firmly in the “Black Thought school of Penmenship.”Hes never had a wack verse.

4. Elaquent – “The Official”

I’m not sure if this is connected to another project or something in particular but its a vibey dilla tribute. Elaquent takes some familsr dilla sounds and flips them into some that sounds familiar and brand new.

5. Tracy Jones – “The Name of Every Raindrop”

I wrote something about this project here.

6. Samon Kawamura & Krafty Kid – “Hurl”

I’m not sure who Samon Kawamura is but Kraftykid is a member of the Tokyo based hip-hop collective, the Hilt. He sounds super dope over this beat. Krafty is joining in on the podcast with Jovoni this weekend.

7. VivaOla – “One Another”

VivaOla is going to be on the Mega Late Show soon. Waiting for him to absolutely blow up. This one features Chris Keys, who’s collaborations with Quelle Chris are phenomenal in an entirely different way. Next week, VivaOla is coming through with Solgasa cohorts Wez Atlas and Tommi Crane.

8. Devin Morrison – “No” (instrumental)

Devin just released the instrumentals for Bussin. So you know I’m doing my best karaoke renditions. Almost exsctly 3 years ago, we had Devin on the podcast, and I told everyone he was gonna be super famous. I was right.

9. A Valley – “Architecturefeaturing Monsieur Jovoni

Another new one from the Hilt. A. Valley cultivates. One of my favorites this year.

10. Bacteria Sound Machine – Number One Super Guy (featuring Paulie Rhyme)

I don’t know much about this one but it’s undiluted B-Boy bravado. If you don’t feel this immediately get out my face forever. And featuring Mottonice’s very own Paulie Rhyme.

Thanks for chexking this out. Peep the podcast and video coming soon.

– Meg

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